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The body free of toxins, the mind at peace, and an inner sense of well-being is the natural state of human health, as per Ayurveda.

Today, in this busy and stressful life, our body and mind accumulate toxins, which gradually deteriorates our normal bodily functioning and opens the door for various diseases to develop and damage our health and wellness.

Panchkarma helps you reverse these negative impacts of toxins by cleansing your body of toxins through deep tissue detoxification and rejuvenate your physical and mental health system.

PanchKarma: Five Disciplines, One Philosophy

In Ayurveda, the disease treatments are majorly classified into two types: SHODHANA (PURIFICATION) CHIKITSA and SHAMAN (PACIFICATION) CHIKITSA.

SHODHANA CHIKITSA in Ayurveda is PANCHAKARMA. PanchKarma means five actions/therapies.

However, the philosophy behind all these five therapies is only one, which is: Cleansing, Balancing, Healing, and Rejuvenation of body and mind.

The five wonder treatments are Vaman, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, and Raktamokshan.

PanchKarma at Athah Ayurveda

As already stated, the pollution in our surroundings, fertilizers in our foods, and increased use of cosmetics in our routine lifestyle gradually accumulate ama (toxins) in your body and develop various diseases.

Panchakarma at Athah Ayurveda balances Doshas (the fundamental energies), strengthens Agni (digestive fire), detoxifies ama (toxins), and rejuvenates your entire body, and gives you a sense of good health that promotes happiness.

We at Athah Ayurveda treat all the illnesses through their root cause after understanding your unique Prakruti/ Doshik Constitution through physical examination and pulse diagnosis.

We believe in the complete restoration of your physical and mental health. Hence, only after thoroughly examining your Prakriti, we optimize our treatment with the combination of PanchaKarma and medicines.

Athah PanchKarma therapies (if perfectly followed and executed, according to our doctor's advice) guarantee you a reduced overload of toxins and complete restoration of your immune system and metabolism, which leads you to the ideal state of well-being.

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